More About Me

My journey with the Enneagram started after realising that for years and years, I was locked in habits that weren’t helpful to my personal development.

We all go through phases of being stuck, but what I didn’t like was that this wasn’t a feeling of being stuck temporarily. This felt permanent. This felt like I was being a version of myself that wasn’t the true me. I was feeling held back in terms of creating the kind of future that I really wanted. Hands up if you can relate.

I started paying attention to the painful patterns (there’s no better way to put it) that were keeping me feeling stuck. After being introduced to the Enneagram, and starting to use it as a tool to facilitate a new layer of inner work, things gradually started to change. I could feel things shifting, as hard as it was at times. I broke free from old habits, put in the time to transform them, and slowly but surely started feeling like myself again. I came home to myself, in a way! It felt wonderful.

This led to me wanting others to have the same experience. I decided to pursue studying life coaching after graduating from university, earning a formal qualification as an ILS Master Coach and Enneagram Coach. Through working with clients, and discussing the Enneagram with other enthusiasts, I started to realise a passion for how it can also help us to nurture our connections and relationships in the world. In a time of disconnect, the Enneagram can be a great tool to help us navigate modern relationships. This led to a new focus area for me, which I’m enjoying learning about (and sharing about) each day.

As you can tell, things have grown from strength to strength since I shifted to pursuing my passion. I make a point of expanding my Enneagram knowledge with every opportunity I get. I feel like every Enneagram teacher has their own unique essence that they bring to the work- and I love learning these different angles and perspectives and broadening my own. These days, I’m a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a Professional Member of The International Enneagram Association (IEA). I’ve also been fortunate to have received training from true leaders in the Enneagram field, including Colleen-Joy Page, Jerry Wagner, Integrative Enneagram Solutions and Ginger Lapid-Bogda. More recently, I started working as an ILS Enneagram Coach Trainer too, which is already a very rewarding experience. Sometimes we just have to give over to the journey.

In following my heart, my path with the Enneagram started to become more clear. In a way, even after all these years, it feels like I’m still on a journey with the Enneagram in a personal capacity, as well as in the work I do with others. I’m so happy that you’re a part of this journey, even just by stopping by at the site today. Don’t be shy to reach out! I’d love to connect with you on all things Enneagram related.

The Enneagram Journey is simply you, coming home to your best self