Do you want to become a Professional Enneagram Coach?

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- Do you love the Enneagram as much as I do and want to help facilitate the Enneagram Journey for others?

- Do you want to be able to help others find out what Enneagram Type they are and offer high quality Enneagram Services on a professional level?

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I am an Enneagram Coach Trainer for Inner Life Skills, which offers an ICF- Accredited Program- meaning you will receive an ILS Certification and 20 ICF Coach Training Hours.
This Training Includes:
- 5 Online Live Classes
- Step-By-Step Videos
- Typing Worksheets
- Growth Map Charts
- 8-Step Narrative Method
- Quick Reference Manual
- Popular Typing Cards
- 3 Pearls Typing Method
- ILS Certificate
- ICF 20 hrs ACTSH + CCE

- Online theory assessment + send an audio recording of a coach session
- 80% class attendance required

$ 1265 USD (including assessment and online pack)

The Enneagram Journey is simply you, coming home to your best self