Ever since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by human behaviour. Let’s call it a healthy obsession, shall we? Over time, and especially as I’ve worked more and more as a coach, the fascination has grown from strength to strength, leaving me even more curious about why we are the way we are, and why we do the things we do.

You could say that this fascination has grown to the point where I’ve come to develop a deep love for people. I’m reminded of this with each client I work with, especially when I get to help them explore their individuality and the motivations behind their decisions, as well as help them to understand themselves a little bit better within the context of the 7.7 billion other people (and counting) on the planet. It can be easy to feel a little lost in the sheer magnitude of the world!

This fascination with people and the ways we relate to each other has led me to specialising in Enneagram Coaching, with a particular focus on Relationship Coaching. I naturally work with a lot of couples who want to use the Enneagram to deepen their understanding of themselves and each other. I don’t only coach couples though! I have had several clients who come to me as individuals (often newly single and wanting to grow into the best versions of themselves before getting into a new relationship).

The ways in which the Enneagram can help you grow in your relationships are endless- whether or not you are currently in a relationship! No two people (or relationships) are the same, so who is to say that coaching should be the same for everyone? As a whole, I like to remain flexible with my clients, especially as I discover what their needs are, and how best we can navigate towards where they are wanting, or needing, to generate new positive momentum.

If you’d like to learn more about my Enneagram coaching specifically, or if you and your partner are looking to explore your relationship and how the Enneagram can help you to better understand each other, keep reading.

Enneagram Coaching

In my work as an Enneagram Coach, I get to explore what it means to be human with my clients, as they monitor the highs and navigate the lows, as part of the ebb & flow of life.

Let’s get one thing straight. These lows are normal, and certainly don’t mean that you are flawed, and I don’t believe that people need rescuing or “fixing”. I act as a guide and witness for my clients: a support system to help drive action, bring about balance and harmony, and deepen understanding.

The sessions give me the opportunity to see the different layers, working with you around your strengths and weaknesses, essentially being part of your process of expansion. I get to watch my clients do this “dance”, which is the ultimate gift and an acknowledgement of the power of this work..

If you’d like to start “dancing” too, let’s schedule some time for an intro call. Contact me over here if you’d like more information about my sessions and when we can get together.

Relationship Coaching

In my work as an Enneagram Coach, I get to explore what it means to be human with my clients, as they monitor the highs and navigate the lows, as part of the ebb & I really enjoy working with couples in all stages of their relationship, providing coaching which assists the individual development of both parties, which in turn allows each to bring their best to the partnership. Voila!

You could say that I enjoy it so much, that I couldn’t help myself and recently launched an online relationship course, which includes some coaching sessions, self study and other exercises. The course includes some one-on-one coaching with me and is the perfect introduction to the ways in which the Enneagram can help you strengthen your relationship, as well as helping you to understand yourself better as an individual within the partnership.

Assisting people with growing themselves within relationships has been shown to not only help them in their day-to-day interactions with their partners, but also to encourage them to remain connected to the people in their lives, including their partners, family, friends, colleagues or acquaintances. This goes beyond just giving you a great relationship: it allows you to be a better communicator to the people around you.

If you and your bae think this could be useful to you, especially if you’re looking to start impressing the potential in-laws as well (or just better connecting with them), then let’s have a chat.

I also work with individuals around the topic of romantic relationships in their lives. So whether you’re single and trying to figure out what you’re looking for in a relationship (haven’t we all been there?), or in a relationship but your partner isn’t all too keen on the Enneagram, we can still do a lot together. I’m really looking forward to connecting with you either way!

The Enneagram Journey is simply you, coming home to your best self