Using The Enneagram To Become a Better Partner

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December 10, 2019
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January 10, 2020

If you’re currently in a partnership, setting some new goals for yourself for the new year may require introspection that involves a fair share of consideration for the other person in your relationship too. It’s important that your goals align with the furthering and betterment of the relationship itself. Some people like to create two sets of goals; one for themselves as an individual, and one for their relationship. This can be a great way to reconnect, and recommit to the year ahead, with both parties on the same page. The Enneagram can give you the opportunity to become a better partner in the process.

A Long- Term View of Life’s Ups & Downs

The Enneagram can help you to become a better partner, and to set goals more effectively, by allowing you to take a longer term view towards the ebb and flow of daily life. Enneagram coaching gives you the chance to take a step back, and to consider that life is an amalgamation of comfort and challenge. This can be very effective when you’re dealing with the ups and downs as a unit. The Enneagram gives you that little bit of perspective, so you understand why you are responding in a certain way to an event, allowing you to step back and not get consumed by it, knowing your reaction is simply a part of your personality type.

Getting Curious, Not Making Assumptions

Your Enneagram type will also encourage you to start getting curious, asking questions about the things around you, without making assumptions about what is going on. A lot of us will assume the worst when it comes to others, perhaps as a result of past struggles and relationships or because we tend to be inherently ‘untrusting’ when it comes to dealing with others. The Enneagram helps you to get curious without assuming the worst about someone, their behaviour, or the motivations behind their decisions. This can be a great strength when it comes to the successful outcome of your relationships.

Improving Intimacy, Avoiding Isolation

We all need some “me-time” at some point during the week, but too much alone time can also be a problem. A lot of relationships can also become codependent, which takes away any prospect of setting some time aside for yourself or others, along with adding a fear that the intimacy between you two will go away. The Enneagram, and in particular if you do an Enneagram Course together as a couple, helps you to find a deeper emotional intimacy with your partner, while also avoiding feelings of isolation, which are prevalent in modern society. It can give you the tools to deal with things and to cope better with times of isolation, allowing for the relationship to flourish as a result.

Accommodating Selflessness Wherever Possible

It can be difficult for a relationship to thrive if one or both parties become overidentified with their personality’s worldview.. The Enneagram helps you to become a better partner by showing you how to put your ego aside when necessary, which not only contributes positively to the relationships, but does so in all facets of your life as well. Knowing when to step out of your ego and see the bigger picture can go a long way if both parties understand this. As a whole, the Enneagram helps you to better understand your partner and their personality type, in order to navigate the murky waters more effectively should they inevitably arise at some point.

Written by: Karen-Sophia

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