Welcome To Your Personal Enneagram Experience

Hi and welcome! I’m Karen-Sophia, a qualified ILS Master and Enneagram Coach, as well as an ILS Enneagram Coach Trainer. As you can probably tell already - I LOVE the Enneagram!

You should also know that I’m a self-professed hopeless romantic. As you might have seen on Instagram, I have a deep passion for the Enneagram & Relationships and I love talking to people who also use the Enneagram to help nurture their personal connections.

In a time where technology is center stage in the world, it can be hard for us to feel connected. I learned early on in my career that the Enneagram can do wonders when it comes to how we understand our relationships with the people around us.

Because of this, I spend a lot (and I mean A LOT) of my time exploring what the Enneagram can do to help us to find more fulfilment, understanding and joy in our relationships. Over time this grew into a desire to share my findings with members of the Global Enneagram community whenever I get the chance to, and here we are.

Sometimes that means being a part of a cross-border Zoom call, talking to other coaches at conferences, or writing a blog to discuss my own personal experiences... if it’s Enneagram-related, I’m there. I may also have talked to a few coffee shop baristas about it while waiting for my order (Katy, if you’re reading this, I hope things worked out for you and your bae). What can I say, it’s a passion that follows me throughout my day!

I’d love to start a conversation about the Enneagram with you. Together, we can cultivate our curiosity about it and see how it can be used to get you closer to your personal development goals. The Enneagram has the ability to transform us as individuals, as well as make a major impact on our relationships (something I’ve learned first hand), and just by becoming more aware of the way our motivations shape the way we experience others in the world, we can have a drastically different experience than we’ve had in the past. Powerful stuff!

To learn a little more about what I do, have a look at the Coaching section of the website over here. I also like to run regular online workshops and courses, which I’d love for you to be a part of. Other than that, let’s talk about the Enneagram! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or you’d like to share your journey with the Enneagram. I’m looking forward to connecting with you soon.

Karen-Sophia xxx


Each Enneagram type goes through a unique journey of transformation


1Where are you based?
I am based in Somerset West, this is where I offer most of my live coaching and workshops. I also offer coaching sessions over Skype and have worked with clients from various parts of the world.
2What are your rates?
I offer various packages with different rates- depending on the individual requirements of the client and what they would like from their Enneagram journey. Contact me for a free consultation during which we will discuss your unique journey and how to proceed.
3How do I find out what Enneagram type I am?
There are a few steps to the process. The first step is an introduction to the Enneagram, this involves in-depth Enneagram teaching, including detailed information about the 9 types. The second step is to begin finding your type through a coaching conversation, where I will ask you questions and help you, through a process of elimination, to narrow it down to the two or three types you are most likely to be. The third step is to find out which type you are. In this stage of the coaching process we will delve into your mental, emotional and behavioural patterns to uncover your Enneagram type and how it shows up in your life.
4Can a person’s Enneagram type change over time?
No, our Enneagram types stay the same throughout our lives. Even though we all have aspects of all 9 types in us, we each have one dominant type. Due to the fact that all the types are intricately linked, it is very common to display aspects of other types (such as our wings and arrow-connections) at different times in our lives. It is also common to have “overlays”, where we display aspects of other types, such as our parents’ Enneagram types, even though these may not be our own types.
5What are the benefits of working with an Enneagram Coach versus doing a test online?
Although there are some wonderful Enneagram tests online as well as in books, working with an Enneagram Coach can be extremely beneficial due to the fact that the Enneagram reveals a lot of our unconscious patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. It can show us our “blind spots”, and while it is easy to consciously pinpoint certain patterns by ourselves, there are many factors that influence our perception of ourselves that we are unaware of, such as family history, trauma, cultural background, level of self-awareness etc. An Enneagram Coach takes these factors into account and can help you to expand your understanding of yourself, and can bring a level of objectivity to a highly subjective process, which enables deeper patterns to come to the surface for transformation, creating lasting changes. Working with an Enneagram Coach drastically reduces the risk of being mistyped. There are many factors that contribute to mistyping, it usually occurs as a result of the perception that certain Enneagram types are “better” to be than others, and therefore mistyping as the type a person would like to be, not as the type they really are.
6What happens once I have discovered my Enneagram type?
Finding your Enneagram type is like finding the right key that unlocks the door revealing your truest self. The key is simply the tool, unlocking the door is the goal. Your Enneagram type shows you the patterns that are keeping you from being your truest self, and it points you in the direction of your transformation. The Coaching journey is about bringing into awareness the patterns that are keeping you stuck, thus enabling more of who you really are to come into every aspect of your life. Therefore, discovering your Enneagram type is not the end goal, it is just the beginning. Once we have discovered what type you are, we can begin our coaching journey through which we will look at how your Enneagram type shows up in your life and has been keeping you stuck in old patterns. Each Enneagram type has a unique journey of transformation. Through the Enneagram Coaching journey you will realise that your personality is not who you are, it is an aspect of you, and it will free you to finally be all that you really are.